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Our HIPAA Compliance Solution


Is your HIPAA Compliance Manual a living document or sitting on a shelf collecting dust? We understand that during these times of being short-staffed, it’s a true challenge to keep your manual up to date as a living document. Not to mention training your staff and being prepared to provide six years’ worth of documentation if you are audited.

Let us assist you, Illustrate, and Maintain your Compliance, protecting your business and compliance officer from liability & non-compliant vendors.  

A web-based tool designed to be a one-stop shop for your entire compliance program. Below is an overview of some key features:

Compliance Dashboard
Easily view your current compliance status in a 360° view.
Never miss a step and always be on the right track!

Training and Attestations
Training that goes beyond a PowerPoint. The Guard gives you
the ability to effectively train and track your employees. Our
training resources can be integrated into your existing system,
if that is preferred.

Security Risk Analysis & Required Assessments
Complete your required Security Risk Analysis. All you need to
do is answer a series of yes or no questions to assess your
HIPAA risk. The Guard will automatically identify your gaps and
build remediation around them.

Policies and Procedures
You’re given customizable policies and procedures that you
can tailor specifically to your business. All BAAs, necessary
documentation, attestations and more – all tracked in one
easy-to-access platform.

Task Manager / Remediation
Our software intuitively guides you through your HIPAA Risk
Analysis and automatically assigns the required remediation
plans. These plans are fully documented and include calendar
dates by which gaps need to be remedied.

Incident Management
Breaches happen, and when they do, they are required to be
reported. The Guard’s incident manager makes it easy to track
and report incidents, and allows users to do so anonymously.


Audit Response Program

Our Compliance Success Team of subject matter experts will assist in generating the documentation needed in the event of a HIPAA audit or investigation. This is one of the many reasons why we can proudly say that none of our clients have ever failed an audit!






HIPAA Penalties