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Chronic Care Management – Increase Revenue

Have you considered implementing a Chronic Care Management program in your practice?   

The first and probably most important reason to consider implementing a CCM program is that it allows practices to build the capacity to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients with two or more chronic diseases.

With a fully managed Chronic Care Management (CCM) program designed specifically for your practice, it’s easier than ever to provide better patient care and drive improved patient outcomes.

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Expense Reduction/Increased Revenue

Expense Reduction and Increased Revenue are one of our specialties. We will personally work with you and/or your staff to review your practice expenses and revenue.

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HIPAA Compliance

Is your HIPAA Compliance Manual a living document or sitting on a shelf collecting dust? We understand that during these times of being short-staffed, it’s a true challenge to keep your manual up to date as a living document. Not to mention training your staff and being prepared to provide six years’ worth of documentation if you are audited.

Let us assist you, Illustrate, and Maintain your Compliance, protecting your business and compliance officer from liability & non-compliant vendors.  

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Navigating Charge Capture Challenges – Increase Revenue

In the intricate web of healthcare operations, hospitals, and healthcare providers’ financial health relies heavily on meticulous charge capture. However, this seemingly straightforward task poses significant challenges, particularly during physician rounding (treating patients outside of the office environment).

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Practice Management

With the daily changes in healthcare today, it is more challenging than ever to control costs, increase revenue, manage staff, and maintain compliance while being dedicated to providing quality patient care.

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Practice Start-Up

We have experience in practice start-ups and opening new locations for clients. Understanding all the details involved in this process is critical for a successful, timely opening! If you are considering opening a new practice, have you factored in the time necessary for credentialing?

Possessing the knowledge and overseeing the thousands of details required for a practice startup is not the only component to factor in.  Following the proper sequence and knowing which tasks are prerequisites for others is critical when starting a medical practice.

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Quick Books Accounting Services

We work with physician practices and non-medical businesses, assisting them with their Payroll services and accounting needs.

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Real-Estate Expense Assessments – Decrease Revenue

More healthcare tenants find themselves being taken advantage of by their landlord during renewals, than in any other transaction, as many landlords’ definition of a “market lease rate” is whatever the most is they can get a tenant to pay. 

Over 80% of healthcare practices lease their office space. Rent is typically a practice’s second-highest expense after payroll. The difference between a properly or poorly negotiated lease can benefit or cost a practice tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The same economic concessions available with a new lease are often available with lease renewals, such as free rent, a tenant improvement allowance, and more.

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Training and Implementation

I personally possess years of training and implementation experience in EHR, Telehealth, Payroll, Reconciliation processes, and Policies & Procedures.  This is an area that I’m passionate about……. if your staff isn’t trained correctly, how do you expect your practice to run efficiently?

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