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Exceed The Expectations

“Ms. Coheley capacity to work with myself and the medical staff on carrying out daily tasks that are both simple and complex operating issues is exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to work with anyone. I find her qualities exceed the expectations not just as a consultant as dedicated as her, but as a friend as well who would understand the needs of meeting the requirements of today’s complex world of medicine as they evolve.”

-Jose M Jurado, MD

Great Communicator

“Above all, Shelly is a great communicator. She understands the complexities of a front office and how to work with different personalities to get them to understand and fix complex issues. She also has a great capacity to explain things and assisted me in gaining a better understanding of the new complexities of reporting data to Medicare.”

-Stephen I Goldman, DO

Efficient, Effective, Productive and Patient-Centered

“Shelly immediately puts in place a process with the goal of making the clinic more efficient, effective, productive and patient-centered. On a more personal note, as a physician, what I value most is Shelly’s unwavering commitment to always put “Patient’s FIrst”. As an administrator, she not only expects the highest quality of care but also puts utmost emphasis on patient satisfaction”

-Dwight David E. Encinas, MD

Extremely Reliable, Highly Professional

“For the greater part of the last five years, there have been huge changes in the health care industry. Ms. Coheley was very much in attuned to the changes happening and always seemed to know what was ahead of the curve. As an individual, I find Shelly to be extremely reliable, highly professional, easily reachable, available, and very prompt in addressing the needs of the practice.”

-Mukarram A. Siddiqui, MD

True Professional

“Ms. Coheley was also a valuable resource for not only myself but also the providers when questions arose. We unanimously felt confident in her knowledge base and knowing she was up-to-date on the ever-changing healthcare events, attending conferences and continuously researching. Ms. Colheley was always very pleasant to work with, both supportive and patient. She was always a true professional, while able to ease the concerns of providers, staff, and myself.”

-Wendy A VonDoloski, BSHA, Practice Manager