SC Practical Solutions LLC

Specialized Healthcare Consulting Services

Practice Management

With the daily changes in healthcare today, it is more challenging than ever to control costs, improve revenue, manage staff, maintain compliance with required government guidelines, while dedicating time towards patient care.   We work with the practice manager/and or physician to assist with these areas while maintaining quality patient care as a priority.  We have experience with all aspects of running physician practices.

Expense ReductionOperations

  • Practice assessment
  • Process improvements
  • Reconciliation processes to deter embezzlement
  • Open/Closure of practice or location
  • Profitability by site
  • Profitability by physician


  • Compliance
  • Fraud & Abuse

Human Resources

  • Training/Mentoring Management
  • Benefit Package Comparison & Cost Management Analysis
  • Staff Assessment
  • Staffing Model/Ratio
  • Employee Handbook
  • Assist with Physician RVU based compensation models

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